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October 2006

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i hate the subject part cuz i never really have a subject

ok well im bored i dont have shit to do. my bf doesnt have any gas so he cant come get me i could give him gas money but....i dont wanna just hang out for like an hour that sucks. i couldnt spend the night tonight if i wanted to because im taking my ACT tomorrow morning....im thinking about not even going to college so it might just be a waste of time. i think i wanna be a reseptionist at a hospital and all i gotta know is medical terminolagy and if i get a job at middletown hospital they will train me. soo.....fuck college lol. anyways.everybody is quiting sears. lets see.daniel got fired, jen quit, lisa quit, brian got fired, and nikki is quiting. it sucks . its gonna be so boring now. hopefully i get out soon. i feel bad for leaving sean but...i gotta do what i gotta do. i miss joe ...i always miss joe. its ok though i guess. hopefully he will come over tuesday...i dont see why not. we already have all the furniture we really need to get our own place it would be all good if i could get a full time job. i have to go to the doctar again monday its gonna suck pretty freaking bad and then i think i gotta go to the dentist or something after that so im gonna be pissed off lol. so between now and monday if u wanna hang out .....thats just to bad cuz i have shit to do. but after that...go for it. hopefully i find stuff to do the other days...wish me luck. anyways im gonna go ....do something none important..cya later