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October 2006

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ive had fun this week. ive been at joe's house most of the time. wednesday night brett (joes dad) baught me and him bud light. i drank 6...omg i was so drunk. i guess im a light weight??? who cares lol. anyways. i had the worst hangover of my entire life the next day i had to MAKE myself get out of bed and get ready it was horrable i kept having to lay down and stuff because i felt sick. but by the time it was time for me to leave i felt like shit so i called off. i tried. but just couldnt do it. i felt like shit that whole day. then that night i went back to joes and hung out. yesterday i just chilled at my house. it was boring. i have to work today. i am actually going in early because i have to do training...it sucks. and i work tomorrow but im off monday. hopefully joe is too. if not ill prolly go over there anyways at least for a while. i hope my manager doesnt say anything about me calling off...i know she will though becasue shes a bitch...i hate her guts so bad. i hope i get a job soon. im still tired i dont know why i woke up at 7am lol. ok well im gonna go chill for a couple more hours <3


hey buddy

havent been on here in a long time. lol. hows everything going for you? i miss you soooo much. nobody ever comes over anymore =[ Hopes' birthday was August 25th so she's almost 13 months old now. wow huh? god i miss everyone. i miss my old life...but then again...i dont. you know what i meen? im still single...and a mother lol. well come over sometime...other then school pretty much all of my days are free.

Re: hey buddy

i miss u too rachel!! im sorry i havent called u i work SOOO much an when i dont work im usually at joes. but i will be home almost all day today so ill try to call. sara is about to have her baby. shes having a girl too. i wanna have a baby now. but im gonna wait about a year. me and joe are doing a lot better. it sucks that ur single but at least ur not with david anymore....he was a jerk to me that one day. anyways ...if u can u can come visit me at work too. i work at sears in the mall. bring home cuz i want to see her! i love you rachel!!!!!!

Re: hey buddy

ill stop by sometime and ill bring Hope too. she misses you too lol. DONT HAVE ANY CHILDREN YET!!!! wait until your like 30 lol. it's sooooo hard.

Re: hey buddy

oh and im not single anymore lol. i met this guy Jake about 2 months ago and we have been together for about 2 weeks now. he is so amazing and he loves hope. he is so much better then David will ever be. i think im going to marry that man someday. lol. hes just perfect to me. right now atleast.