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My life

Shannon <3's Joe 4Ever & Always

24 March 1987

My name is Shannon.
I was born March 24th, 1987. Which makes me 24.
I was born and still live in Middletown, Ohio
I married my husband Joseph Turnbow on July 25th 2007. I love him with all my heart. ♥
I drive a black 2008 Pontiac Torrent. ♥
I work at Homecare Pharmacy
I have come to be very driven I will fight to get anything especially things people tell me I cant have
I love my family
Im very shy but id very much like to get out of my bubble and enjoy life more
My best friends are Joe, Sara and Tiffany
I love traveling
Im an extremely emotional person
I hate liars and power trips
If youre nice to me Ill be nice to you. Ive never disliked someone that didnt deserve it.
Im a tad opinionated (but who isnt)
I have 5 tattoos (more to come)
I have 8 piercings (more to come)
My fave actor is Darren Criss ♥♥♥
darren criss Pictures, Images and Photos
Dane Cook is my fave comedian
Bruno Mars and Darren Criss are my fave singers♥♥
I have 2 Miniature Schnausers: Jasmyn and Isabelle
I have 4 cats: Patches, Diego, Stitch and Corona
I have my own house which Im proud of but the bills suck